NXPowerLite for File Servers

Simple credit-based pricing

  • Free
  • 2 GB starter credit 
  • Try with 2 GB of credit and see
    what NXPowerLite can do for you

    Credit never expires

    No credit card details

    No commitment
  • $40
  •  storage credit 
  • Buy only the credit you need - easily top up when you want more

    Includes upgrades and support

    Credit never expires

    No annual fee

For larger volumes please get in touch for your custom quote.

For existing customers visit our online store to add credit to your account. 

Common Questions

How does licensing work?

You buy credits in blocks as you need it. For example, a 500 GB block would allow you to reclaim 500 GB of space using NXPowerLite before having to purchase more credit.

How do I try the software?

We recommend using the 2 GB starter credit to run the software live in your environment. You can also try our free scanning tool that quickly identifies your supported content and estimates potential savings.