Powerful Rules

Select which folders and file types to optimize, choose your settings and schedule when the rules take effect. Older files can be optimized using more aggressive settings for even greater savings. Easily exclude folders that should not be optimized.


Flexible Scheduling

NXPowerLite can be run at specific times/dates using the built in scheduling function. You can also use Windows task scheduler to 'Continue' or 'Pause' the service from other events.

When running NXPowerLite will continuously loop over the selected folders only pausing when there is no content to optimize.


Completely Transparent

Files optimized with NXPowerLite stay in the same format, they look and feel identical to the original, just much smaller. So using NXPowerLite won't impact end users, here's an example:

Original.pdf (23.5 MB)
Optimized.pdf (3.7 MB)


Works with all storage

Designed to run on Windows, NXPowerLite can also compress files on any other device that Windows can connect to.