NXPowerLite Desktop

Version 7.1.2 for  Windows

Compress PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG files


Shrink your files

NXPowerLite will compress PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG files simply and effectively, making them easy to email as attachments. It is especially effective on files that don’t zip well.

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Auto-compress Email Attachments

NXPowerLite integrates with your email to automatically shrink email attachments as they are sent.

In Outlook 2010 or later you can also compress attachments on emails you have received.

For a server solution that reduces all the email for your organization check out Optemail.


Smaller files in the same format

Optimized photos stay in the same format - a JPG remains a JPG. It will look and feel identical to the original, just much smaller. See the example below:


How it works

Large PDF and Microsoft Office files often contain lots of high-resolution images, and background data not required for normal use of the file. By removing this data and unneeded excess bytes from internal graphics and standalone JPEGs, NXPowerLite radically reduces files to their smallest size - without compromising quality.


One key for Windows or Mac

We're big fans of keeping things simple, so we designed the keys for NXPowerLite to work in either the Windows or the Mac version. So if you change platform you don't have to buy your software again.

It also means if you are buying multi-user licences you don't need to say how many of each platform you want up front.