NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange

Compress PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF email attachments in the Exchange store


NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange reclaims wasted capacity, shrinks backups and slows down the growth of your Exchange store. Add NXPowerLite to your storage optimization toolkit as an easy way to extend server life and get more value from your hardware investment.

Key Features

Connects via Exchange Web Services (EWS)

NXPowerLite connects to Exchange via the Exchange Web Services (EWS) API, and uses our proven optimization engine to ensure email attachments are safely and efficiently reduced.

Works with Windows Task Scheduler

To make it easy to run NXPowerLite at convenient or low-traffic times, it is fully compatible with Windows task scheduler meaning you can 'Start' or 'Stop' the service from other events. NXPowerLite will remember where it was stopped, and resume smoothly from where it left off.

Comprehensive reporting

NXPowerLite generates comprehensive reports detailing how storage was being used and the savings obtained by optimizing email attachments. See sample report below:

Free Scanning Tool

Scan your Exchange server

Use our free scanning utility to find out how much space you could save by optimizing the files in your Microsoft Exchange server.

The tool will generate a detailed report by scanning your content and comparing it with average reductions from our other customers to quickly estimate how much storage could be reclaimed using NXPowerLite.

The scanner is free and read-only, so it will not change your files.

No email address required.

I’ve saved the school immense amounts of money and space, without a single complaint. If I had to describe NXPowerLite in one word, it would have to be “Impressive”.
— The Rochester Grammar School

Simple credit-based pricing

You only pay for the storage you want to reclaim.

  • Choose credit volume 
  • $200
    $2 per GB
  • Includes upgrades and support
    Credit never expires
    No annual fee

Common Questions

How does licensing work?

You buy 'Storage Reclaim Credits' in blocks. For example, a 500 GB block would allow you to reclaim 500 GB of space using NXPowerLite before having to purchase more credit.

How does the free trial work?

We provide a free scanning tool that will tell you if you have a lot of supported content and an estimate of savings. We can also set up trials of the full software when requested.

To ask questions about how NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange can work for you, please get in touch with our customer support team today.

Safety is our priority

NXPowerLite has been carefully designed to ensure that documents and file attachments remain safe at all times while being optimized. It uses recognized Microsoft standard protocols and implementation methods to ensure the data integrity of the Exchange server.

NXPowerLite analyzes files to identify any compatibility issues prior to optimization. Files are copied and optimized separately to the originals, and if any issues are identified prior to or during optimization, or if NXPowerLite fails to reduce the size of the attachment, the original file is left untouched.

System requirements

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (SP1)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

Requires .NET version 3.5 - 4.5 installed
For mixed environments containing mailbox servers on Exchange 2007 or earlier, NXPowerLite will work, but will only optimize content on supported mailbox servers
Requires Active Directory administrator account with impersonation rights

File types supported

PDF Documents    
Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (PowerPoint 97-2016)
Microsoft Word documents (Word 97-2016)
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (Excel 97-2016)
JPEG images

All the above formats contained within zip archives.