Key Product Features

Optimize files on servers or shared storage

Files can be optimized on the local Windows server or any other storage device in the same Windows domain, including EMC, NetApp and Novell Netware servers. 

Control which files to include and exclude

Flexible rules allow you to easily select which folders and file types to optimize or exclude, choose your settings and schedule when the rules take effect.

Schedule NXPowerLite around your other services

Run continuously or choose between the built in schedule function and Windows task scheduler to control the service from other events.


Find out more about the system requirements for installing and running NXPowerLite and its general compatibility with other software and services.


NXPowerLite is designed with a safety-first approach. See steps it takes to ensure safe file processing and the comprehensive built in logging and auditing features.


Learn how NXPowerLite manages files during optimization and what considerations will affect speed, performance and resource requirements.