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Evaluating NXPowerLite for File Servers

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  • Find out how much storage you can reclaim using our fast, read-only scanning tool. Your personalized, local report is calculated from your servers file configuration. It’s fast, accurate and totally confidential.
    Windows Server 2003 (SP2) - 2016 | Windows XP (SP3) - 10
  • There's nothing better than seeing for yourself how good NXPowerLite is at reducing files. Download our desktop tool and run it on a selection of your own files for a side by side, before and after comparison.
    For Windows XP (SP3) - 10, also available for Mac OS.
  • Take NXPowerLite for a spin on us, get 10GB of credit free and choose a selection of your own data to run it on. It’s easy to configure it to run on a sample set of user data, in a non-production environment or wherever you think best.
    Windows Server 2016 - 2003 (SP2) | Windows XP (SP3) - 10
  • Our team is super helpful, we can guide you through every step of the process or simply be on hand to answer your questions. We can jump on a screen share, answer your calls and emails or join you on a live chat right now - whatever suits you best.
“I regret not getting around to it sooner… the whole process took just 20 minutes to get it running and reclaiming space.”
— Ashley Potts, Systems Manager, The Nottingham Emmanuel School