Neuxpower Team

We are a small growing team of smart, driven people who take ownership of creating and promoting truly great products that people love. Complex problems inspire us to create simple and effective solutions with software solutions that actually solve the root problem.


Mike Power
Founder and CEO

I've always run my own business, setting up my first at university. I like nothing better than getting stuck in with other like-minded folks and solving problems, so creating a small business was a 'no brainer' for me.

Currently loving the stage we are at with Neuxpower. I am busy figuring out how to make the jump from taking a major role operationally, to building a scalable company full of amazing people that build and sell great products completely independently of me. Bring it on!

Andy Dargon
Chief Operating Officer

In his own unique style, Andy co-ordinates the team to turn the company plans and strategy into reality. Tapping into the heartbeat of Neuxpower, ensuring that it retains its coveted family culture. Creating an atmosphere where every team member feels informed, connected and can achieve great success, while preserving a great work/life balance.

Bring your ear defenders when Andy is around!

Andrew Molyneux
Development Guru

Andrew is the 'Go-to man' for everything tech and code. Despite possessing ninja software coding skills and a wealth of tech knowledge he is decidedly modest and ungeeky! His desire to explore all the options in finding solutions and always do the right thing, is both admirable and frustrating in equal measures.

Watch out if your grammar is not up to scratch - Andrew will be waiting...

Nona Simpson
Finance Manager

Nona has a tight grip on all things financial as well as having the critical job of refilling the biscuit tin! She'll often take advantage of our ROWE system to continue contributing while visiting her family and friends, from Canada to Australia.

Paul Clerkin
Digital Marketing Executive

Paul is one of the newer members of the Nexupower team. Having returned to the UK after a 10-year hiatus in New Zealand, he is getting to grips with the entrepreneurial world of digital marketing in London. He's passionate about all things digital and prefers a no nonsense approach to marketing - which, in his words, is a lot easier when you have a product that really works like NXPowerLite.

Alan Gurney

Alan Gurney
Digital Marketing Executive

Alan is part of the Digital Marketing team at Neuxpower and the newest member of the family having joined in early 2017. He can normally be found creating engaging content for the website, newsletter and blog among other things.

Outside of the office he's massive football fan, loves going to see live music and has a passion for cooking.

Emma Volante
Customer Success Rep

Emma has been part of the Neuxpower family for several years, and loves being able to develop and define her role within the company.

Emma is committed to providing the best possible customer experience and one of her super powers is being able to recall the names of many thousands of customers.

James Mackie
Customer Success Rep

James is one of the newbies to the Neuxpower family.  
In his brief time so far, he has added his London charms to the outstanding customer success team, which is dead set on YOU getting the best from our products.

Steve Penny
Development Lead

Steve frequently takes advantage of our work flexibility, working from home, swimming, playing the violin or out with his family. When you can get hold of him he’ll be working at the code face with the development team, coordinating  the project workflows and supporting our lovely customers.

Nick Whitehead

Nick is definitely one of the loveliest blokes we've ever met - and he is an integral part of our development team. You can always rely on Nick to take the shakiest of concepts and turn them into really useful software features.

When he is not at the computer keyboard, he enjoys playing the church organ and singing in a choir. 

Mike O'Connor

Mike is a former theoretical physicist, turned champion software engineer. His fastidious attention to detail is legendary and he loves getting stuck in to the depths of code where others may fear to go.

A man of few words, but always the right ones!