We make software solutions that effortlessly shrink your images and documents without affecting quality.

From the very start, all the way back in 1997, Neuxpower has been all about one idea - developing refreshingly simple software that solves your file compression problems.

Our company is built on three key principles that motivate us to create the best solutions: Drive, integrity and simplicity.

Meet the team

We're a growing team who are passionate about delivering the very best solutions and having fun. Complex problems inspire us to build simple and effective solutions that people love.

The story so far

Neuxpower's come along way since we started way back in 1997. We’re on our fourth office and while the team may have changed over time, our drive and determination has been constant. We hope the next 20 years will be as much fun as the first.

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We have over 2.5 million customers around the globe

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We've always set ourselves ambitious growth targets and believe they key to achieving them lies in growing the right team as well as the right products. We develop all of our products in house, including the core file reduction technology on which our products are built. Working at Neuxpower you'll enjoy:

  • Career growth -

    The opportunity to work with super smart people and grow into the role that most suits you. We're commited to providing the time and resources needed to learn.
  • Work/life balance -

    We use ROWE to keep the team working at times that suit them, while achieving incredible results.
  • Location -

    Based in stylish central London offices in the heart of "Tech city".
  • Compensation -

    You'll enjoy a very competitive salary and pension contribution.
  • Time off -

    We ensure that you have at least 25 days off a year - so you can enjoy uninterrupted time away.

We're looking for great people to join us and double the size of our team. Take a look at our open job opportunities and upcoming roles below, where you can apply or just register your interest.



We also have a partner network spanning over 75 countries around the world.

"Neuxpower’s determination to deliver the best possible solution was a key factor in our decision to distribute NXPowerLite."

"We have an excellent relationship with Neuxpower. They understand the Japanese market, are very quick to respond to our requests and they produce quality products that are simple to sell."

"Neuxpower are clean in their business transactions, trusting and extremely proactive.  They jump right in to help us with the kind of pre-sales support that is hard to come by these days."