How we do it?

Most Office files contain large amounts of unnecessary data. This isn't simply because the software is inefficient. Users often don't know the techniques that can keep file size to a minimum. Neuxpower started when a client came to us and told us he'd manually recreated a large file using best practices and managed to shrink it significantly - so why couldn't we do that automatically?

It was an intriguing idea and one we've been exploring ever since. The result of 12 years of work, six major releases and 47 minor ones is NXPowerLite Desktop 6, and it's more effective than ever before at shrinking oversized Office documents, PDFs and JPEGs. So, how do we do it? Obviously, we’re not going to give away all of our secrets, but here are three major sources of file bloat we seek to eliminate:

1. Resizing images

Images are typically stored very inefficiently. Suppose you take a high-quality picture with a digital camera. Then you import the 10 MB file into PowerPoint, crop it and resize it. You’re using only a fraction of the original picture, but the PowerPoint file still contains the original 10 MB of data. We make sure the superfluous pixels are discarded, without affecting image quality at the target resolution.

2. Storing images more efficiently

A lot of images will have been imported from graphics packages that include vast amounts of additional information for layering and other factors that simply aren't necessary in the end document. We 'flatten' the images, thereby removing that redundant data. We also save images in the most efficient format at the optimal settings. Again, these typically cause little or no decrease in quality but bring about a dramatic reduction in file size.

3. Removing unnecessary data

Word documents and PDFs generally retain large amounts of private application data, fast-save and version information which may be useful for editing the file or restoring earlier versions but aren't required for the end document. (In fact, there may be good reasons you don’t want to send a client evidence of your edits and rewrites.) NXPowerLite discards this, along with picture metadata and other hidden and unnecessary material.

If you want to find out more, take a look at our technology page.