Rochester Grammar

Our software is used in a wide range of circumstances and across many sectors. Some of our best results are seen in manufacturing, where R&D departments create lots of large, image-heavy documents. Then there’s the defence sector, where teams are often operating in remote locations with low bandwidth connections. But one of our biggest success stories in recent months has been from a school.

The school is one of the country’s top-performing grammar schools, with 1,200 pupils and 150 staff. The IT department maintains a large network of 600 computers and nine servers, totalling 15 TB of space – but they were running out fast, and there was no budget for major upgrades.

The reason for the problem was that students were creating lots of huge Word documents for coursework and other projects. They would often simply copy and paste high-quality images straight from the web, or import them from digital cameras. File sizes in excess of 100 MB were not uncommon.

Faced with an imminent crunch, Network Manager Phil Finnemore started looking for creative solutions and stumbled across NXPowerLite for File Servers. He tested the software on a handful of representative files and established that there was no visible difference before and after optimization. Within a week he had installed and implemented it, and immediately reclaimed 30 GB of space on each of four of the school’s content servers, with further savings elsewhere. The number of complaints from students running out of storage space decreased markedly, and some even asked if he had increased capacity since they suddenly seemed to have a lot more space.

Almost as welcome, from his point of view, was that the time required for backup halved to a day and only needed one digital tape, rather than two – meaning he did not have to switch tapes halfway through.