TNS Global: battling with bandwidth

We tend to take high bandwidth and storage for granted in the UK. In fact, our standard response to the problem of large files is simply to increase capacity. It takes a change of perspective to question whether the files need to be that large in the first place.

For TNS Global (case study), the issue of bandwidth was easier to spot. TNS is an international market research and market information group. They have a presence in more than 80 countries worldwide, and it was through their South Africa division that Neuxpower started working with them.

In parts of Africa, internet connectivity is both highly limited and extremely expensive. In the Durban office the line was just 2 mbps, and cost an order of magnitude more than it would in this country. As a market research group TNS were used to working with large, image-heavy files. Whilst the ideal would been to send these to colleagues internally and externally using email, the low bandwidth available made this impossible. Heavy restrictions were placed on employees’ email use (never a popular practice) and they were encouraged to use alternatives like the division’s internal ftp server, Dropbox and Zip. None of these were very satisfactory.

The solution was to purchase licences for NXPowerLite Desktop and install the software to run on employees’ email clients. That way, they could continue to create files as before, without spending unnecessary time implementing ‘best practice’, or using inconvenient workarounds. When they needed to email a large attachment, the documents were optimized automatically at the point of sending.

‘It’s been really useful. It just sits there in the background and I don’t have to worry about it.’

"TNS is a great example of what Neuxpower aims to achieve and how successful NXPowerLite can be. There was a real pain-point, an issue that had arisen solely because Office files and PDFs are inefficient and far larger than they need to be. In most cases we live with it – we take the hit and deal with the problem by spending more money on storage or bandwidth. With TNS, that wasn’t an option. NXPowerLite was the perfect solution: low-cost, easy to use and unobtrusive. We always say that if the software is working properly you shouldn’t even realise it’s there. We’re pleased to learn that this has been TNS Global’s experience of NXPowerLite."
– Tyson McKeown, TNS Global South Africa