NXPowerLite PDF compression just got a lot better

We're pretty excited to let you all know that our ability to compress PDF files has just taken another huge leap forward.  Earlier versions of NXPowerLite didn't include support for a number of image types, like greyscale images, or for some PDF subsets like PDF/X and PDF/E where strict compliance rules are in place.  These were intentional limitations as we wanted to be able to fully test those slightly riskier areas extensively before releasing them.

We have now added support for all of the PDF subsets, and almost all of the image formats that we passed over originally.  Our PDF compression is still based on the official Adobe® PDF Library and we've thrown months of testing at these new features, so we are confident that they are rock solid.  The better news is that over TBs of test PDFs our average reduction has increased by a massive 10%.  This is an average of course - so some files will see a much higher compression improvements than that depending on what's in the file.

These latest changes will arrive in NXPowerLite for File Servers 6 on Tuesday 22nd April and we'll make sure they are in Desktop shortly after.  So if you have taken a look at NXPowerLite before but not seen enough PDF reduction, we invite you to take another look - we’re confident you’ll see a big improvement.