One key for Mac or Windows

We've just released NXPowerLite Desktop 6 for Mac, and I wanted to take a moment to throw the spotlight on one decision we made early on that we are really proud of.

It's pretty common for desktop software to require you to buy separate licences for Mac or Windows, so if you change platform you find yourself having to buy your software again. 

This didn't really fit with our simplicity value, nor did it seem particularly fair, so we designed the registration keys for NXPowerLite Desktop to work with either the Mac or the Windows version interchangeably.

So now if you buy NXPowerLite on one platform and later switch, you can carry your key over and keep using NXPowerLite without further charge.

It also means that for companies who prefer to buy a block of, for example, 100 licenses up front to hand out internally as required, they don’t have to decide how many they want on each platform.

We continue striving to make our software more effective, and at the same time keep it refreshingly simple - please let us know how we're doing.  If you have any ideas for how we can improve on either of these fronts, we'd love to hear from you.

NXPowerLite Desktop 6 (Mac OS X) will compress PDF, PowerPoint and JPEG files and is available now!  
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