Presentation magazine review

"NXPowerLite covers all the bases and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and alleviates any need to compress/optimise outside of the application being used. Now that makes for a great program in my book."

Back in 2011 Presentation Magazine published a glowing review of NXPowerLite Desktop 5. Given that we've just released Desktop 6, packed full of new features and improvements, now seems like a good time to look back and see what's changed since then - and what will always be the same.

The review recognised how effective NXPowerLite was at shrinking PowerPoint files (something we've built upon further since then) but noted its limited use on PDFs (something we've vastly improved). As well as working within Microsoft Office, we've also integrated it with email to the extent that you barely notice it's there at all. For some of the other developments, take a look at our Desktop 6 release page or download a free trial.

We'll leave you with this quote, which is just as apt today as it was three years ago.

"No matter how large your hard drive, no matter how fast your files can hurtle through cyberspace, the fact of the matter is we will always be short of space and short of speed."

That reality is exactly why we designed NXPowerLite.

You can find the original review of version 5 here in Presentation Magazine.