Did you know you can now optimize and replace files?

While gathering feedback and ideas for NXPowerLite Desktop we discovered earlier versions were creating an unexpected extra task for many of our customers.  NXPowerLite was originally designed to create a new optimized copy of your original file.  This meant that if there was anything you didn't like about the new optimized version you hadn't lost your original.  However it also meant that the new smaller version would have "(NXPowerLite)" appended to the original file name:

NXPowerLite optimized copy

For many people this left them needing to manually rename both their original file, and the new optimized copy - as one customer put it:

"As I usually rename my files after successful size reduction, I would love not to have to and just have the old file renamed old and the new file not having the lengthy '(NXPowerLite)' added to the file name"

or from another:

"...all I need is option to save and replace as original file name"

For new customers of version 6 the default behaviour is to replace the original file with the optimized version.  So when you optimize a file the optimized version will take the original's file name, and your original will be renamed as a backup - like this:

NXPowerLite overwrite original file

For existing customers the old default behaviour of creating an optimized copy will have been preserved as we didn't want to disrupt your workflow without warning if you were used to working a certain way.  You can configure NXPowerLite to work in the new way as follows:

  1. Start NXPowerLite

  2. Click on 'Settings' in the task bar at the top of the NXPowerLite window

  3. Select the 'Save Profile' tab

  4. Choose 'Replace original file and create backup (same folder as original)' and click 'OK'

We hope you like this new feature and that it makes your lives that little bit easier when using NXPowerLite - we'd love to know what you think, please reply here if you have any feedback, questions or suggestions.