10 schools delighted...see what they saved

Following the BETT show earlier this year we've already welcomed 10 new schools as customers, and we wanted to share some of their enthusiastic stories of their experience with NXPowerLite.  It's been fantastic to hear how much money has been saved already by these schools, and equally important the many unanticipated benefits that have come from reducing their existing storage.

Here's what they are saying:

"NXPowerlite is the best software I’ve ever purchased... It has saved me thousands, and a lot of time."
Andy Field, Network Manager, The Bishops Stortford High School

"I've saved the school immense amounts of money and space, without a single complaint. If I had to describe NXPowerLite in one word, it would have to be "Impressive"."
Phil Finnemore, The Rochester Grammar School

"I’m very pleased. It’s a low-priced product that actually does the job. It’s saved us a lot of money. I would certainly recommend it to my colleagues; we’re all in the same boat and few colleges have much of a budget."
Peter Bond, Network Manager for Sidmouth College

Nobody wants to buy software that makes things more complicated, so we've made it our focus at Neuxpower to make sure we keep things simple.  So we were delighted that this was something all three recent customers picked up on in their feedback, and best summarised by Phil Finnemore:

"It was one of the easiest and quickest solutions I could have hoped for. I placed the order for the software on a Tuesday, was emailed the licence by the end of the day and had it installed by Thursday.’ All in all, the process took no more than a week to complete, with the software running in the background and no downtime necessary."

Do you know a school that might benefit from freeing up space on their servers and avoiding costly storage upgrades?  If so, we'd be delighted if you can help us spread the word and invite them to scan their storage with our Quick Scan tool to see what they could save.

NXPowerLite works by reducing the size of large Microsoft Office, PDF and JPEG files, and is available with straightforward special pricing for education customers.

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