In case you missed it, NXPowerLite Desktop on Mac OSX!

In April this year, after many customer requests to do so, we launched our hugely popular file-reduction technology on Mac OS X. Previously we have had a PowerPoint only version but this more fully-featured NXPowerLite Desktop (Mac OS X) software additionally reduces PDFs and JPEGs. The handy Finder integration makes it easy to reduce files and email them.

We've kept the licensing simple, so registration keys for NXPowerLite Desktop will work with either the Mac or the Windows version, so if you switch platforms you can keep using NXPowerLite. It also means if you are buying multi-user licences you don't need to specify how many of each platform you want up front.

“We knew how good NXPowerLite on a PC was for shrinking PowerPoint files, we're really pleased they now have a Mac version too.”

- Christy Beuchlar- DHL

More information about NXPowerLite Desktop (Mac OS X) and download links are available on our website. So go ahead and try it out for yourself, by grabbing the software and don't forget to let us know what you think. We'd also be happy to chat with you about purchasing additional licenses or consolidating your current license count. Please feel free to contact our sales team.