Licensing for IT Service Providers - Launching today

Neuxpower are thrilled to be launching a new licensing program specifically designed to support IT Service Providers in extending extra valuable services to their customers.  From today service providers will now be able to rent a license of NXPowerLite for File Servers for a simple annual fee, and use it to provide a range of storage optimization services directly to their clients, including:

  • Reducing storage before a migration/consolidation project

  • Extending the life of existing servers by reclaiming space

  • Optimizing customer data to shorten backup windows

For some years now we have seen customers buying licenses our file server product to clean up and shrink the storage on their existing server(s), often prior to migrating to a new storage infrastructure.

One customer based in New York needed to migrate data from three existing servers onto a new central NAS. They used NXPowerLite to reduce the data on the source servers by a third before moving it:

"The storage saving is pretty significant - it will reduce the time of migration."
Olivier Przybylski, MIS/MIT Systems

NXPowerLite reduces storage by replacing large PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF files with smaller optimized versions.  It is ideal for data migration projects because it is both transparent and permanent, so once you have reduced the storage you don’t need to re-hydrate it before moving it. When the content arrives on the new device, it remains optimized, so this means less storage to manage, shorter backups and all the other associated benefits of having less storage.

Our software is proven to deliver great value to customers.  This new licensing model makes it possible for IT service providers to deliver that great value to their customers whilst also growing their business.

We are actively searching for partners to work with in bringing this offering to market, so if you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with us.