Our Favourite Software Tools

Here at Neuxpower we are passionate about great software. We particularly admire software that keeps a laser focus, fixes a real problem and is incredibly simple to use.  Here's a quick selection of the tools we use daily and love best:


PureText allows you to paste text without formatting. Set it up so it starts when Windows starts, and to paste using Windows+V and you'll have a simple way to avoid formatting issues forever more when copying and pasting between applications.

WinSplit Revolution

With ever larger monitors becoming standard, the ability to organise your Windows quickly and easily can be a big productivity booster.  With Windows 7 they introduced the built-in ability to snap to the left half or right half of the screen using Windows+[left or right arrow].  If you want a little more flexibility over where to snap to, and how big you want your windows, check out WinSplit Revolution.  Quickly snap windows into a variety of sizes and positions using hot keys.


This a truly fantastic right-click option if you are running short of disk space on your hard drive. In a fairly small amount of time it builds a  picture of your hard drive and allows you to see what's in those large folders. The free version has all the functionality we need, but is restricted to analyzing local drives. So if you want to do this on the network then you'll need to upgrade to the Pro version. It is a great tool to add to your regular PC clean up routine.

Following our introduction of ROWE (Results Only Working Environment) back in 2011, the folks at Neuxpower began working from many different locations across the UK.  To make this possible we dived in with some great (and mostly free) collaboration tools, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype and Evernote - thanks to these tools we've been liberated from our office and productivity has soared.

Bonus tool for developers:

010 Editor is a fantastically powerful tool for understanding complex file formats, without which NXPowerLite wouldn't have been possible (or at the very least would have taken an awful lot longer). Our development team use it almost every day.