Scan your server and see how much space you can save

Many of our customers enjoy great benefits from using NXPowerLite for File Servers software for reclaiming disk space on their server/SAN/NAS. The technology is not suitable for every server though, due to varying amounts of supported file types and it is very important to us to know that we are adding value for all customers.  So we included an evaluation feature in the software that would allow customers to know exactly what storage they could reclaim before investing in the software.  Unfortunately because it required actually optimising copies of every file to get the accurate figures it could take days/weeks to build the detailed report.  So we set about building a new tool to solve this issue and more.

Introducing NXPowerLite Quick Scan...

Quickly build a picture of the data on your servers or network storage to see if NXPowerLite file reduction technology is likely to be useful. It completes in a similar time frame to one of our favourite computer tools Treesize Free, so on a typical server will only take minutes.

View Sample report

Simple and easy to use

To get started all you need to do is select a drive/folder and hit the 'Scan' button. Quick Scan will generate a detailed report by scanning your content and comparing it with average reductions from our other customers to quickly estimate how much storage could be reclaimed using NXPowerLite. The Quick Scan is completely read-only, so it will not change any files.

It's useful in other ways too

In addition to showing  detailed information about the files that we support (PDF, JPEG, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, TIFF & Zip), the report produced by Quick Scan indicates which other file formats are hogging space on your server. You'd have to purchase the Pro version of


to get those details about network storage!

What are you waiting for, try it for yourself now?

If you are in a position to try it out on your servers please register to download the software from the link below. If your server is managed by another person or team please share a link to this blog post with them so they can check it out.

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