Seajacks satellite bandwidth liberated by NXPowerLite

Having just spoken to Aaron Maas, IT coordinator for Seajacks, I continue to be amazed at the impact of NXPowerLite in different industries, in this case Oil & Gas.

Seajacks is a major installation and maintenance contractor for the offshore wind, oil & gas industries. They rely heavily on satellite communications for email and replication delivery to their ships. The limited bandwidth has some considerable drawbacks with slow email delivery and limited synchronised file availability, especially when there are 60 people on-board competing to download personal files and photos.

Frustrated by the lack of options, Aaron searched for a solution online. After performing some initial tests with the free evaluation, Aaron decided to test NXPowerLite in a real-world situation on one of their ships.  He was amazed at the instant results and more importantly so were the ship's captain and crew, who enjoyed a considerable boon in productivity and communication.

“It just worked really well for us - it's a great piece of optimization software.”

Aaron Maas, IT Coordinator for Seajacks

Read the case study to hear more about the benefits of NXPowerLite Desktop deployment and also how Aaron then went on to address the issue of his server space being critically low with NXPowerLite for File Servers.