Email photos the easy way with NXPowerLite

With photo file sizes reaching 3-4 MB or more for your average compact camera, emailing more than a couple of photos can be a painful chore involving multiple emails.  

With NXPowerLite, photos can be reduced to less than half their file size without reducing their resolution.  We've also made this as simple as selecting your photos and clicking one button - here's how it works:

1. Simply drag to select the photos you want to email in Explorer.  In the example below there are six images totalling 25.5 MB.

2. Right-click on the selected photos and choose NXPowerLite > Optimize and email.

TOP TIP: Click "Optimize, zip and email" instead to collect all your images together and attach in a single zip file.

3. NXPowerLite will reduce the file size of your photos, without resizing them (see how it works here), and open a new email with the new smaller photos attached.  The photos in our example are now just 3.2 MB.

4. Then just compose your email as normal and send

.If you use web mail you can still get the benefit, you just need to select "Optimize", which will optimize your photos in place, and then you can attach them to your email manually.

Learn more about NXPowerLite Desktop (Windows) or NXPowerLite Desktop (Mac OS X) and download a trial today.