NXPowerLite Desktop 7 arriving first half 2015

We will soon start coding the next major release of our Desktop product, just as soon as we wrap up development on NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange next month.

We have got some great new improvements lined up for version 7, and I wanted to quickly share the headlines with you, and invite you to pitch in if you have any ideas you'd like to see in the next release: 

  1. Inbox compression for Outlook. Inspired by our work on Exchange, we will be adding the ability for Desktop customers to select emails they have received and optimize them.

  2. Even more PDF compression improvements. We have been building up our PDF compression in layers, and we've identified several more areas where we can add new features to significantly reduce files that previously we couldn't reduce at all, or at least only a limited amount. We are aiming to make NXPowerLite the simplest and the most consistent PDF compressor available.

  3. Support for the upcoming Microsoft Office 2015.

I'd like to also ask for your help in firming up what else makes the cut.  We want to focus on adding the most valuable improvements with each release, so we'd love to hear from you if there's anything that would make NXPowerLite simpler, more useful, or more usable for you?  

Please share your requests/suggestions with us and help us to make the next version of NXPowerLite even better for you.

Also if you come across a PDF we can't reduce that you think should be smaller, please share it with us using our file upload service https://www.neuxpower.com/uploads/.  Example files help us to quickly find more areas of improvement, so we can add the ability for NXPowerLite to compress them.