NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange Beta

Be the first to try this new version of NXPowerLite, and help us shape the final product.  We are seeking 10 Exchange admins to try the beta version of the software on their Exchange servers and subsequently work with us to improve the software by feeding back their experience.

The beta programme starts 28th January 2015 and will run through until the public launch at the end of February 2015. Along with our priority support during the beta period, we will also give the successful beta candidates a 500 GB license of the publicly released NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange, or the equivalent discount on larger licenses.

NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange will reduce email storage space by replacing large PDF, Microsoft Office, JPEG and TIFF file attachments with smaller optimized versions.

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High-level requirements

  1. The beta software will allow you set up to 5 specific mailbox accounts for processing. Ideally you will need to clone a number of real user’s accounts and run NXPowerLite on those cloned accounts.

  2. We then need you to check and report back on things including:

    • Any bugs you find

    • Ease of use of the software

    • Speed and reduction performance

  3. NXPowerLite for Microsoft Exchange works with Exchange Server 2010 SP1 & 2013

  4. Please only sign up if you have sufficient time to complete the beta testing before the end of February.

Beta programme is now closed

Ahead of the beta, we have a free scanning tool available that reports on the volume of PDF, Microsoft Office, TIFF and JPEG files in your Exchange.  If you’d like to give it a try, you can register to try the scanner here.