Getting a Grip on Growing Storage

For sysadmins the laundry list of daily storage problems can be a headache. Knowing how and when you are going to run into them is only part of the story. To keep on top of growing storage it helps when end users are also proactive, but implementing user restrictions to encourage this is never easy or popular. Often friction arises from users frustration with managing limited space or a lack of understanding of the reasons behind restrictions. The reality is that whoever’s responsible for the files taking up server space, it’s up to the sysadmin to fix it.

There are lots of potential solutions to help with your storage problems, each with their own pros and cons. Adding storage can be a quick fix in the short term but sooner or later you’re going to have to restructure, with potential complications and downtime. Moving to the cloud can provide you with the scalability you need long term but is expensive and requires a lot of time and effort to migrate. More efficient Backups and archiving will yield some more space, as can deduplication, but they present their own technical and logistical problems. You’re between a rock and a hard place: you’ve got to fix it, but whatever answer you choose someone, somewhere is going to be unhappy.

We feel your pain and we have got a get-out-of-jail-free card for you.

NXPowerLite is a simple, quick solution which requires no downtime and nothing from the end user. It’s the ideal answer for either the pro-active sysadmin who can see problems coming down the line, or one who suddenly find themselves fire-fighting to avoid running out of space. By automatically optimizing bloated files it can take care of your immediate storage problems and curb future growth.

Optimization slims down files rather than compressing them, stripping out unnecessary data from image heavy Office Documents, PDFs and JPEGs. The ability to reduce a file to 5% of its original size will allow you to salvage huge amounts of storage. Maintaining file quality is critical, Neuxpower have been testing files for more than 12 years; carefully checking the results and ensuring quality. The technology is trusted by the UK, US, Canadian and Australian military; it is simple and reliable.

With solutions for File ServersMicrosoft Exchange and our first of a kind email processing gateway 'Optemail' NXPowerLite has you covered. Whatever your storage configuration, we can help you get to grips with your growth.

For more detail take a look at: 'File Optimization Uncovered'