Meet Metering

Updating software is always a balance between delighting your existing customers and exciting potential ones. It’s easy to go chasing new users while ignoring existing ones, and vice versa. We’re quietly confident our latest release will blow both existing and new users out of the water. Firstly, we’ll run you through the new metered credit model available as part of NXPowerLite For File Servers 7, and then go through the huge reliability and quality of life improvements we’ve added.

Introducing Metering

It’s a big deal, for a long time we’ve been looking forward to it’s arrival and we’re happy to say that it’s finally here! It’s still the same great product, but with more flexible pricing options. You can now buy ‘Storage Reclamation Credit’ in blocks to suite your specific needs and environment. For example, a 500 GB block would allow you to reclaim 500 GB of space using NXPowerLite before having to purchase more credit. Whether you're just taking it for a test drive, optimizing files as they are created or clawing back huge blocks of unoptimized space, you can choose the appropriate amount as you require it. Usage is communicated automatically, once your available credit is exhausted the software will stop until you top up. Recording usage centrally allows users to run multiple servers from just one pool of credit, which can be spread evenly between them or allocated however you see fit.

Existing customers don’t need to worry, their software will work in exactly the same way it always has unless they decide to change to metered pricing - except of course with all the other upgrades also in this update…

10% Improved PDF Reduction

We’ve made some serious improvements to our optimization engine that, according to our tests, result in an average of 10% more PDF reduction across large volumes of files. Your mileage may vary depending on the PDFs in your data set, but we’re confident everyone will notice some improvement.

Of course this 10% improvement applies to existing PDFs as well as new ones - so if you have lots previously optimized files you’ll see reductions on them as well. Re-optimization is automatic - NXPowerLite will identify which of your files will benefit from re-optimization and cue these along with any new files - so you don’t have to do anything.

New Tricks

We’re always keeping an eye out for new ways to improve our reduction performance, expanding the types of files we support is a great way for us to claim back more of your space...

Now supporting PDFs encoded with ASCII - Despite being reasonably uncommon, ASCII encoded PDFs are now also able to optimized in our latest release.

No more ‘Metadata Inception’ for files created in Adobe suites - Every time you paste from one Adobe Application to another, the metadata from the first is retained within the pasted object, which may have metadata from pasted objects within it, that may also have metadata… ‘Metadata Inception’. None of this data affects the viewing (or editing) experience, and now we can automatically remove it for you.

IDDA: Our newest acronym - Need even more technical acronyms in your life? We sure did, so now we have ‘Inverted Default Decode Arrays’. Sometimes images within PDFs are encoded with standard decode arrays, which we’ve supported for a long time. And, it turns out, sometimes applications (like Photoshop) encode PDFs with these standard decode reversed thus: Inverted Default Decode Arrays! These inversely encoded images are now supported as well as the straightforward ones.

Have your Flate and DCT too - Some PDF tools will double compress images with DCTDecode and then FlateDecoder in order to maximize compression. Prior to Version 7, NXPowerLite supported both these compression methods individually, now it supports them both individually and concurrently.

It’s 2016 - so we thought it prudent to ensure NXPowerLite supports for files Office 2016. It does.

Avoiding A Meltdown

We take waste seriously here at Neuxpower, our whole company is built around reducing it - fact. But we don’t just worry about wasted space, there are other precious system resources to conserve at the same time. Our latest release now uses less system resources and goes about its work far more efficiently.

We noticed a few instances where NXPowerLite tried to unzip and optimize a compressed 40GB virtual machine, taking up lots of resources on a file that’s impossible to optimize. This, being wasteful, inspired us to set a hard limit of 2GB on zip files, above which they will be skipped. This setting is not visible in the user interface but can be overridden with a registry key if required.

Tiny files yield tiny results, there is a limit to how small even NXPowerLite can make a file. So files closer to this limit, that commonly produce little to no reductions, will now be skipped, so that those precious resources can be put to use on the real waste offenders. We also know that optimizing and rewriting files with 1 or 2 KB reductions requires more resources than the minute space savings are worth. So we’ve added a successful reduction threshold of 10KB for a rewrite to happen, eliminating this waste.

Special Requests

We don’t always have our finger directly on the pulse of what our customers expect and in the case of ‘Single Pass Optimization’ you’ve spoken and we’ve listened. Back by special request, we’ve reintroduced the ability to halt optimization after the currently configured folders have been processed once. We’ve also added in some handy new UI features to help make ‘Single Pass Mode’ more intuitive to use.

More Control

Being able to skip files that have been recently created is a great way of avoiding unnecessary interference with files that are being edited. Whereas previously you were able to set NXPowerLite to ignore files modified in the last X number of months, now you can set it to X number of days.

Coming Soon

Finally, we wanted to make a special mention of some speed improvements that are in the pipeline and will arrive at the start of 2017. We’re adding multi-core processing and multi-file optimization, allowing NXPowerLite to take full advantage of available resources. This means, you could see anywhere from 5X to 500X increase in speed depending on your setup. Either way it’s another significant improvement  that we can’t wait to bring to you!