Making Optemail, Our ‘Cleanup Hitter’

Recently, whilst having a lively discussion with an American friend about the similarities of our two beloved sports, cricket and baseball, I was introduced to the concept of a ‘cleanup hitter’. When all the bases are full, their job is to step up to the plate and pound the ball hard enough for all the players on the bases to run home - cleaning up the bases, pretty cool.

But what does baseball have to do with compression software? Well, at Neuxpower we have our own American friends who we think are cleanup hitters. They had all their metaphorical bases loaded, thousands of them in fact, and they cleaned up with their own great idea and a little help from NXPowerLite.

The Heffernan Group (HG) have a huge team of employees spread across the US whose job is to sell insurance, they’re pretty good at it in fact. But HG could see that communication inefficiency was holding their team back. As a company they send and receive millions of documents both externally and internally, putting great strain on their data center and eating up bandwidth. If they could find a way to reduce the strain, free up the bandwidth and unclog their communications, their team could concentrate on what they do best: selling insurance.

Their search for a solution brought them to one of our offerings: NXPowerLite Desktop. The file reduction results were exactly what they were looking for, with the potential to free up huge amounts of bandwidth and storage, but it wasn’t a complete home run. Along with the hassle of managing hundreds of software installs and licenses, NXPowerLite Desktop does not automatically reduce inbound emails, requiring them to be manually optimized. For a company of their size these issues weren't just little stumbling blocks, they were deal breakers.

In steps the cleanup hitter: build NXPowerLite into the mail environment. By using our NXPowerLite SDK and developing their own solution, HG would be able to clean up all the bases that were blocking them. They could radically reduce bandwidth usage for all email traffic without adding friction, turn optimization into an invisible background process using a single software license and save on email storage to boot. All they needed to do now was build it, and that was how Optemail started.

Optemail’s first user was the very people who built it. You can read all about how the software helped them exceed all their own expectations and realize a 38% reduction in email traffic and storage in this case study. But the story doesn’t end there, Optemail has now been used by thousands of people around the globe in different countries and companies. It’s been designed and further refined with large-scale organizations in mind. It’s recently undergone its second release, Optemail 2.0, with a whole host of upgrades and new features you can read about here.

We like to think we are full of good ideas at Neuxpower, but sometimes an outsider comes along with one from left field that you can’t help but respect for its ingenuity. So much so in this case that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to continue to work with HG and develop this solution into something that other companies could also benefit from. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made as a company and an important part of how Optemail came to be. Finally we’d like to say a big thank you to our American friends the ‘Cleanup Hitters’ at HG - you really hit this one out of the park.