Optemail Solves Runaway Email Storage Growth For RCVS

We are thrilled to welcome The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) as a customer of not just one but three of our products!

RCVS faced a rapidly growing data storage challenge, driven by a requirement to log all email communications for auditing purposes. The college logs all emails automatically within their CRM (iMIS) using a third-party tool called iEmail. Having enabled iEmail, the college quickly realised that they now faced an issue with rapid growth of their iMIS database.

“The database was growing in excess of 100MB a week, which was significant for us.”

- Andrew Grainger, IT Database Development Officer

Although they had plenty of space on their server, they could clearly see the potential for capacity to be reached quickly. Like the majority of our customers, Andrew and his team take a very proactive approach to managing their infrastructure - preferring to get on top of storage problems before they become an issue.

A simple Google search led Andrew to Optemail, Neuxpower’s unique email optimization software. Optemail analyses all in and outbound emails and automatically compresses any attachments to their smallest possible size without any visible loss of quality.

It was a simple, elegant solution to the explosion in email storage growth and the College adopted the solution straight away, taking advantage of the 30-day trial. After just one week, Andrew was so impressed with the results that he went ahead and placed an order for the software.

“Our weekly reports show savings of around 35-40% of storage on both incoming and outgoing mail.”

- Andrew Grainger, IT Database Development Officer

Andrew’s team have also used NXPowerLite for File Servers to reclaim space from their years of legacy file data on their general file shares. And finally, they also equipped a few individuals with NXPowerLite Desktop to enable them to optimize files on demand before uploading to the web.

So thank you to Andrew and RCVS for being a such a fantastic customer! We’re glad that our software was able to deliver such a great result for you.

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