A Perfect Fit - The Nottingham Emmanuel School

At Neuxpower we’ve spent years creating innovative products aimed at improving storage efficiency for all kinds of customers from around the globe. Over those years we’ve seen that education providers, like The Nottingham Emmanuel School consistently get huge benefit and satisfaction from our products. This is because schools typically have an abundance of files on which NXPowerLite is most effective.

Storage reclaimed breakdown by file type for Nottingham Emmanuel

Storage reclaimed breakdown by file type for Nottingham Emmanuel

Like many of the systems managers that we work with, Ashley Potts from Nottingham Emmanuel is proactive about storage management. After receiving a recommendation for NXPowerLite, he sought us out and investigated how we could improve his storage efficiency using by our free Quick Scan Tool. He quickly saw the scale of the immediate and long-term benefits our software provides and decided to go for it.

“I was extremely shocked by how much space NXPowerLite reclaimed, I was not expecting it to recover this much data. Overall I am happy...really happy!”

- Ashley Potts, Systems Manager, The Nottingham Emmanuel School

Since starting, NXPowerLite has more than doubled their free space, reclaiming 698GB of data and it continues to reclaim more space daily. 

Nottingham Emmanuel is just one of over 30 schools who we have helped optimize storage for, with similar great results: 

  • The Bishop's Stortford High School initially reclaimed 410GB and continued to claim 100GB a month (download case study ).
  • Sidmouth College reclimed 50% of their total SAN capacity & shortened their backup time from 2 days to a few hours (download case study ).
  • Antelope Valley High Union High School District reclaimed 30-40% of their storage across 12 different schools (download case study ).

We love seeing happy customers so we've enjoyed helping the 30 schools we've worked with so far. In the future we hope to work with even more education providers to optimize their storage - 30 is awesome, but that's just the start!