Software Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

If you own any software for a length of time you’ll inevitably have to contend with upgrading, switching machines (and possibly OS) and if you’re unlucky contacting support for help.

At Neuxpower we’ve thought long and hard about how to make owning our software a better experience. We are passionate about continuing to delight and surprise customers, even long after the initial glow of a problem solved has faded. So when you buy software from us we make sure you get a whole lot more...

Access to your software forever

You will always be able to download the version of the software that you own, whatever the version, whenever you want, free of charge. That means you can download and install your version of NXPowerLite 10 years from now if you want, otherwise what's the use in having a perpetual license? If you’re looking for your version, links to previous versions are available here for Windows and here for Mac.

Great software and excellent backup service when I had to reload after a reformat!
— NXPowerLite user Mike McLaughlin

If you need a specific point release of the software that isn’t listed on the support page, just contact us and we’ll provide you with a link.


Our customers will always receive a 50% discount on upgrading to the latest software, regardless of the version they are on.

We are always improving our software and we want to share that benefit with you whenever we can. Once you own a version of NXPowerLite Desktop, you'll be able to upgrade to the latest version at a 50% discount. This applies forever, for all licenses and on all future releases.

We keep a rolling summary of all the improvements we’ve added to the latest release for Windows and Mac.

To upgrade you’ll just need your current registration key. If you no longer have a record of your key then simply contact us and we’ll dig around in our database and find your original details.

If you’ve picked up more than one license over the years and you want to consolidate and upgrade at the same time, we can turn your separate licenses into a single multi-user license with just one key to manage. Just get in touch and we’ll make the arrangements.


You can switch between Windows and Mac without penalty - if you're thinking of changing computers we won't punish you, NXPowerLite will come along for the ride at no extra cost. All you have to do is download the appropriate Windows or Mac version of the software and enter your key, it'll work on both. Visit our support site for help with cross-grading.

Your license is for all your machines

When you buy your license it’s for you, wherever you are and whatever you are working on. If you have more than one computer then no problem: install NXPowerLite on all of your personal machines with the same key.

Customer support

Contacting companies for support isn’t generally a fun experience - something’s gone wrong and you have to try and articulate it in an email to the vendor. Expectations often aren’t high. So when you encounter support that makes your experience a pleasure it’s remarkable. We aim for that every time.

Best support team ever! They’ve not only answered very fast but repaired my document for me to use right away. Just unbelievable!!! Thanks guys :)
— Dominique Proulx
Exemplary customer support. Your support is the best I have experienced with software companies . . . ever. Very prompt, thoughtful, helpful, and to the point with results.
— John Thompson
Software is great and even when there is an issue the customer service is even better. An incredibly valuable piece of software.
— Karl Miley

So please give us a shout if you hit a problem with NXPowerLite - we love hearing from customers and helping solve problems.


Sure we sell desktop software - but that doesn’t mean it has to be rigid and old-fashioned. We are driven to make our software and the services we wrap around it super-flexible and friendly, so that our customers continue to reap the value from it long term.