Desktop 8 Coming Soon

We pride ourselves on the relationship we have with our customers, it’s one of the fundamental blocks that Neuxpower is built on. When you talk we listen, and typically we keep track of what our customers are asking us for over time and use this as the basis of a design for each new version. Ahead of building Desktop 8 we also ran a dedicated customer survey which has been extremely illuminating.

Since launching our free online compression tool we’ve had more customers getting in touch and sharing files that our technology hasn’t been able to compress for some reason, which has quickly delivered a huge amount of insight. This communication is invaluable to us and is directly helping us to rapidly improve our core compression technology.

Troy Chollar who runs the PowerPoint blog asked us to make it possible to create custom optimization profiles as version 7 was limited to just one. With Desktop 8 you can now create unlimited profiles, name them and choose them quickly from the main dialog as you optimize files, making it easy to change settings each time you need to compress files.


Simplified right-click menu options, with accelerator keys. At the request of our friend Rick Altman who runs the popular Presentation Summit, we’ve updated our right-click menu to include shortcut accelerator keys. Version 7 required upwards of fifteen keypresses to get to the Optimize with NXPowerLite option, Desktop 8 needs just two!


Many, many… MANY people asked us about including support for PNG files. Well… the wait is over Desktop 8 will compress PNG files and also as a bonus any uncompressed TIFF images you have.


With version 7 we added the ability to add a folder of files to NXPowerLite. However, this initial implementation was pretty limited - it would only allow you to add files in the top-level folder and nothing from the sub-folders. Apparently this was a bit of a hindrance to getting things done. So we’d like to unveil the new add folders function that now allows you to select one or more folders, with or without their sub-folders. NXPowerLite will scan through the chosen folders identifying all the supported files and allow you to choose which of those files you’d like to compress.


For some people the fact that NXPowerLite creates either copies or backups when compressing a file was a regular inconvenience. For example, if someone is compressing files that are copies of source files held elsewhere, having to then go through and manually delete the extra files NXPowerLite creates is completely unnecessary. Whilst we had the best intentions we recognise this limitation was causing extra work for some people which is the exact opposite or what we strive for at Neuxpower. So we’ve now made it possible to replace files without creating any extra files.


Sometimes the small changes make all the difference. In version 7 of NXPowerLite you could optimize and zip files in one swift action from the right-click menu but it would always automatically put the zip file in the same location as the source file(s). Now you have complete control over where to place your new zip file and how to name it. We’ve also made it possible to zip up files from the results screen inside NXPowerLite.

Having focused on PDF compression for the last two versions, in version 8 it’s PowerPoint that gets the lion’s share of the attention. We’ve now implemented a slew of features to improve the consistency and effectiveness of the compression in PowerPoint. In addition we’ve had a feature request on our backlog for many years now and we can finally mark it as done - Yes! It’s now possible to tell NXPowerLite to ignore images on slide masters and just compress everything else.

So there we have it, the long wait is nearly over and the new and improved NXPowerLite Desktop Windows 8 is just over the horizon. We’re expecting it to be ready for launch in early February and we’ll be in touch in the new year with further news and developments. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on all the new additions we’re including or whether we’ve missed any features that you really were hoping to see. We’re always listening and we hope that once the software drops you’ll be as happy with it as we are.