We need to talk about Optemail...now securely hosted

At Neuxpower we never stand still. We’re always looking for solutions to problems that we hear from our customers and prospects, whether it’s improving on a current product or creating a new one to fix a new problem.

Well, one area where we’ve recently had some feedback is our Optemail email gateway software. Some people we’ve heard from highlighted the fact that it was too complicated to integrate with their email systems, others only wanted to implement it for a handful of staff (we previously had a minimum requirement of 25 users).

To this effect, we’re excited to announce a new version of Optemail that will make this great product accessible to more organizations than ever before.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Optemail, let me give you a quick rundown. Optemail is our email optimization tool. A single piece of software, running on a dedicated server, that automatically captures emails before they hit your server ensuring each attachment is condensed to its smallest possible size. This dramatically slows down email storage growth, reduces email bouncebacks, frees up storage and bandwidth. This means you can spend more time on doing what you need to do and less time trying to resolve the issues with the IT helpdesk.  

It works on inbound, outbound and internal emails (including from your document scanners) and across PDF, JPEG, TIFF and MS Office file attachments. It covers the most common file types that are attached to emails and can even be used to reduce video files (with an average reduction of 50%). To top it off you receive monthly reports to see how much space you’ve saved… pretty neat right?

Our customers The Heffernan Group think so. As a large insurance provider, with multiple office across the US, they send large files internally and externally putting a huge strain on their servers and bandwidth. Since adopting Optemail they’ve seen a huge reduction in the storage used and over a 12 month period they estimate they’re saving 21TB in data storage. Here’s what they say about Optemail: “Optemail is effective for our users because it requires no training and does not change their normal workflow. It reduces the the size of their files quickly and in real time in the background.” Read the full case study here.

The Heffernan Group saved 21TB over a 12 month period with Optemail.

The Heffernan Group saved 21TB over a 12 month period with Optemail.

That’s a great example of a company that has benefitted hugely from using Optemail, but that’s not why I’m writing this post today. Since launching Optemail it’s become clear that some organizations that want to implement it are having problems integrating it into their existing email infrastructure. Predominantly because they are without internal IT resources, specifically around email configuration, and find it harder to get over the initial configuration barrier. So we set about trying to find a solution to the problem and now we have the pleasure of being able to bring you that solution - Optemail hosted on our secure servers.

The hosted version of Optemail incorporates all of the technology and features of the original version but, rather than being plugged into a dedicated physical or virtual server managed in-house, is hosted securely in the US. It still optimizes the same files, covers inbound, outbound and internal sending and delivers the same level of reduction but allows your organization to incorporate it into your email system without the need for an email systems expert to do the leg work. It’s now as simple as a couple of configuration steps requiring minimal technical knowledge.The same amazing product but with the barriers to implementation removed.

Now you can see why we’re so excited. It may not seem like a huge change but we’re confident that this new version will help a whole host of organizations take advantage of Optemail, reduce their email data footprint and free up valuable wasted bandwidth. We’ve already got contacts chomping at the bit to get their hands on our new securely hosted version of Optemail, so if you’re bandwidth and storage are being bogged down by oversized files, sign up for a free 30-day trial of Optemail hosted.