Fix Up Your Fujitsu With NXPowerLite Desktop 7.1.5

Our latest update to NXPowerLite Desktop has a whole host of bug fixes and improvements, but the leap forward comes for users compressing scanned PDFs, specifically with a ‘Fujitsu fi-6110’.

Scan-tastic Improvements

We love unusual files, so when a user came to us with some scanned PDFs that were unreasonably huge (which NXPowerLite was unable to process), we couldn't help but start picking them apart. Pulling this thread led us to the discovery that there was a model of scanner in the users collection (the fi-6110) that was the culprit. Every file it produced had some extra data inserted into the PDF file header . Once we confirmed this was totally unnecessary data (and also meant the file didn’t conform to the PDF standard!), made our code work around the issue. This meant NXPowerLite got some huge reduction results on the individual document, but nothing compared to what our user saw on his stored files. So if you’ve got a Fujitsu fi-6110, get the update and get saving and don’t forget to check out our complete solution to Compressed Scanned PDFs.

Features/Bug Fixes/improvements

  • Added the ability to selectively install NXPowerLite's ability to optimize received emails in Outlook (Enhanced Outlook Integration).

  • Fixed a confusing bug where NXPowerLite would incorrectly report already optimized files as ‘File not reduced’.

  • NXPowerLite no longer chases it’s own tail by trying re-optimize files that had already been optimized in some (rare) circumstances.

  • There is now a more responsive cancel function when NXPowerLite is optimizing Zip files.

  • Fixed ‘Entry in Zip not Found’ exception caused by NXPowerLite trying to extract a file that cannot be found in the Office XML file.

  • No more crashing while processing office files with some sneaky hidden content or grouped images.

  • Fixed a rare bug where images inserted into Excel using a third party API could become zero length. This meant the images were not usable, aka ‘useless trash’.