Desktop 8 Feature Focus: Add Folders

Adding files to NXPowerLite individually isn’t always practical; you might have tens, hundreds or even thousands of files scattered throughout a deep folder structure. In that situation, being able to easily locate and add all those files in a few clicks could save you hours. That’s where our new ‘Add folders’ feature steps in...

Add folders allows you to select folders and sub-folders from your local machine in a few quick clicks. We’ve laid out your entire folder structure in an easy to navigate hierarchy. All you need to do is point NXPowerLite at the correct folders and it will locate and add your desired files automatically.

How to use ‘Add folders’

  1. Click ‘Add folders’ on the top menu from the home screen

  2. Choose your target folders to include

  3. Select the file types to include

  4. Click ‘Add’ to queue files in NXPowerLite for compression

  5. Choose whether to ‘Replace original’ or ‘Backup and replace original’

  6. Click ‘Optimise’ to start reducing your files.

Add folders Demo.gif

What you can do with it?

There are some great reasons you can use use the Add folders feature:

  1. Free up space on your desktop PC using the Replace originals feature after receiving a ‘You are running out of disk space on Local Disk’ warning.

  2. Reduce your all your files before archiving to save space and speed up data transmission.

  3. Quickly Backup and replace original files in a folder structure for sharing while retaining your originals.

  4. Reduce an entire folder under an upload limit or fit a specific device like a USB dongle or external drive.

Going beyond ‘Add Folders’

For those looking for an automated way to reclaim space on file servers or network shares: NXPowerLite for File Servers is like Desktop’s bigger brother and unlike Desktop it’s packed with features for reducing data footprints and controlling storage growth automatically. As a Windows service, it works with any storage, has powerful rules, scheduling features and takes care of tracking and auditing. It can even be set up in a ‘watched folders’ configuration to compress files as they are added to folders. So if your organization wants to save on storage costs, it’s worth taking NXPowerLite for File Servers out for a spin.