Desktop 8 Feature Focus - JPEG Resize

Hi everyone,

I’m Mike,  founder and CEO of Neuxpower. We recently released version 8 of our popular personal file compression software, NXPowerLite Desktop (Windows) and we’re aiming to follow up with the Mac update at the end of summer.

Unlike versions 6 and 7, which focused on improving the compression engine, version 8 is all about the user experience (although we managed to squeeze in one or two engine improvements and support for PNG files as well).

As we’ve crammed a lot of new capabilities into this simple compression utility, we thought we’d start a series of posts highlighting these new features to guide you toward a few helpful functions you might not realise were there. You can expect to see a new post from me each month for the next  six months at least.

Since version 4 of NXPowerLite you have been able to select and optimize images from the context menu (right-click menu). This can often reduce them by 50% or more, but if you’re trying to email or upload lots of photos you might need them to be a LOT smaller first.

We wanted to make this super-easy in version 8, so now if you select JPEGs and right-click, you will have the additional option to “Resize (scale to 1920 x 1080)”.  Choosing this option will both optimize AND resize your JPEGs simultaneously, giving you even smaller images that are perfect for sharing and displaying on screens:

Resizing makes a huge difference to size, as this example shows:


Our first attempt of this feature only currently allows you to resize your images to 1920 x 1080.  What this means is NXPowerLite will scale down the original image(s) to fit inside either a landscape (1920x1080) or portrait (1080x1920) box depending on the proportions of the original image. It will always maintain the height to width ratio of original image.

Resize Image Explanation.png

We’d love to know if you find this feature useful, but also whether you would like this feature to let you:

  • choose the resolution?

  • change the folder that the resized copies are sent to?

  • OR even combine features so you could Optimize + resize + zip + email in one click?

We’ll be asking for your help again towards the end of the year for Desktop 9, but if you have requests now, there’s no need to wait - please share them with me - I read all feature requests and reply personally.

Thanks again, and don’t forget to look out for the next post at the end of May where I’ll be taking a close look at the new ability to replace original files without creating an additional backup or copy.

Best regards,
Mike Power, CEO, Neuxpower

PS You might also enjoy seeing how NXPowerLite has evolved since version 1.