Removing Regional Reporting Inc's Productivity Drain

We absolutely love hearing from satisfied customers, so when Regional Reporting Inc. (RRI) agreed to share their success story with us we jumped at the chance to find out exactly what made it the solution for them.

RRI are a national consultancy and insurance services firm specializing in loss prevention across the USA, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Internationally. They have been assessing risk for insurance underwriters for 45 years, providing services within the property and casualty insurance. They use an internally built cloud-based system to service their 600 odd staff, contractors and clients with a total data imprint of just under a terabyte encompassing 10 years of reporting documents along with associated data.

Delivery of client reports was of the utmost importance but many of the files created by the system were oversized causing issues in sending and uploading to document stores. This resulted in hours of work for their IT team compressing the files, and if these files couldn’t be compressed by the IT team they would be sent to CEO Allan Myers to work on immediately. This was something occurring between a couple of times to 10 times a week wasting up to 10 hours of his weak on admin tasks.

Allan wanted to find a solution to this productivity drain, he’d been looking for an automated software for years but nothing had fitted his needs. After coming across Neuxpower he immediately tested our desktop product and was suitably impressed. He moved straight onto our File Server trial to test it on a full directory. After seeing the space he saved he decided then and there to purchase our SDK, so that he could build our software into his workflow, and NXPowerLite for File Servers to work on his data stores. After just under two weeks he had everything up and running seamlessly.

“Neuxpower’s software shrinks everything we throw at it and has solved a core business problem without any crashes or any file corruption. It’s exactly what we were looking for!”

Allan Myers, CEO, Regional Reporting Inc.

To hear more about how NXPowerLite for File Servers solved Allan’s workflow issues, as well as reducing his data footprint then download the case study below.