Neuxpower at Presentation Summit 2018

Being a predominantly digital business we don’t get out much, but once in a while we like to get out of the office, get amongst our people and spread the gospel of file compression to the people we think need it most.

In this instance I’m talking about presentation professionals as this week we’ll be attending the Presentation Summit in San Diego, California. It’s an event that we have a long history with, we were at the second ever Summit and attended for eight years on the spin. Sadly we’ve not been able to attend for the last few years but this year we decided it was great opportunity to promote our free online tool - WeCompress, and to try and expand our offering to presentations professionals by speaking to the most concentrated collection of them in the world.

Pres Summit 2.jpg

The Summit, which runs from 23-26 September, is hosted by author, presentations consultant and friend of Neuxpower - Rick Altman. Over the three days he and his team will present over 35 seminars, workshops, and keynote addresses covering all aspects of presentation: message crafting, presentation design, slide creation technique, delivery… you name it, they’ll cover it.  

Founder and CEO Mike Power and COO Andy Dargon will be on hand to spread the word of NXPowerLite and WeCompress and to learn more about what makes PowerPoint users tick. Their aim is to look for new ways to extend WeCompress’s functionality and find new features to complement our existing compression products. We know that our software is popular among presentation professionals, so much so we’ve written articles specifically on how to compress PowerPoint files for them, so it’s a great little reconnaissance mission for us.

Pres Summit 1.jpg

If you’re at the show then it would be great to meet you. Come and visit us on the Tuesday Expo where we’ll be running a giveaway of our NXPowerLite Desktop software. If you’re not attending then put it in the diary for next year - I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

We look forward to seeing you across the pond.