Developing Relationships With NXPowerLite SDK

Recently whilst visiting our superstar Japanese sales partners OceanBridge, I met face to face with one of their major clients, JFE Engineering. I was extremely impressed at the amazing job JFE have done creating a web application to compress documents on demand using our SDK.

The app allows users to select files on their network and compress them from their browser. Files are uploaded to the server, compressed and then the user is provided a link to download the smaller version. It’s incredibly satisfying to see such a slick and effective implementation of our technology developed outside our own team.

This application has been really successful since its launch, with thousands of files being optimized every week. Because it’s an internal app it’s 100% secure, all files stay within their network. JFE are also able to produce reports on the app’s usage and total reduction metrics, allowing them to quantify the value it’s delivering by way of file size savings. 

JFE initially looked at NXPowerLite Desktop but opted to use our SDK to avoid managing thousands of client installs. For organizations that have security restrictions on files leaving their network and who don’t want to manage desktop installs, an internal web service like JFE’s is the ideal solution.

During our meeting with the app developers they said our SDK was great to work with, but they spent quite a lot of time developing their usage reports. They wondered if reporting was something we could build into our SDK, or provide as an optional module. Our short answer is yes. This is something we have in development to make life easier for customers using our SDK, so expect to see this in the next major SDK update.

It's brilliant to get positive feedback first hand from the people working with SDK around the world, as well as discovering what improvements we can make that will deliver the most impact.

We got so much out of spending just one and a half days with OceanBridge, meeting clients like JFE. We feel like we’re sharing in their success and we’ve returned home better aligned with a clearer, more purposeful plan for our own development. We cannot overstate how highly we value feedback from customers and partners, it directly impacts the direction we take our products. So if you have anything you’d like to share with us - we really are listening.