Getting To Know You

In our last newsletter we ran a piece called Our Survey Said, explaining the findings of market research we’d conducted with our customers on large PDFs created by document scanners. We discovered that may of our users were running into problems caused by large scanned PDFs on a daily basis. So, we got our thinking caps on and decided to solve it. Being the conscientious bunch that we are, we wanted to follow up our research and get to know the problem better by talking to the people that deal with this problem daily. 

So, we rounded up some sysadmins and asked them directly about their experiences with large scanned PDFs. The individuals we spoke to all worked in companies within Law or Government - two of the industries identified as most problematic by our customers responses.

We spent around 30 minutes with each discussing in detail  three distinct areas: their unique PDF issues, barriers to implementation and what software package would work for them. This way we could confirm the common challenges we’d seen from our survey whilst exploring how to present our solution as an affordable and easily implementable product. 

Unique PDF Issues

Similarly to our survey, the overriding issue our interviewees faced was the ability to send the large PDFs produced by their scanners to colleagues and clients via email. We also heard frustration with the general quality of the documents produced as well as the impact PDF size had on both storage and bandwidth speed. With scan to folder being the most commonly used method for collecting the scans it’s clear that a watched folders solution was most appropriate to deal with the issue. So far, so good. 

Barriers to Implementation

What do we need to do to convince potential clients that our solution is right for them? The most immediate need was seeing whether the level of compression delivered by our solution was sufficient while ensuring that the quality of the PDF remained high. Some interviewees stressed a need for the file type to remain the same, while others requested assurances over whether we would have access to their data and whether the software would interfere with other background processes undertaken by their systems. These are all valid concerns that we have been careful to address in our new watched folders solution to large scanned PDFs.

What software package works?

This was arguably the most valuable section for us. We needed to hit upon a pricing strategy that would would resonate with IT Professionals, something that was an instant no-brainer in both price and pricing model. From the options we presented,our interviewees unanimously agreed on subscription based pricing as their preference. We worked this idea into our credit model where credit purchased via subscription is better value, has a lower entry cost and ‘rolls over’ to accumulate without expiring. This way there is a fixed low cost subscription that is guaranteed to provide value without waste. The interviewees were also keen on our idea of being able to use extra credit with our other IT Admin tools like NXPowerLite for File Servers, so that that they could put their credit to the best use where they sought fit. 

So, all in all, it seems as though we’re on the right track. 

If you’re looking for a solution to compress PDFs produced by your document scanners then check out our watched folders solution. Large PDFs will be optimized by up to 65% as soon as they’re saved to your network folder so you can send on without needing to split them into multiple pages and emails, access them outside your network more easily and save on total storage requirements. Take it for a test drive and let us know what you think.