Investigating Video Compression

Video compression has been an ambition of ours since we started developing file compression software that has recently returned to the forefront of our minds. Having recently fielded a few questions from our customers about whether we were planning to add video compression to our repertoire, we’ve decided to see if this is something that could be our next box office smash.

To help us along we’d like you, our wonderful Neuxpower family, to help us move forward. If you look after a library of videos for your organization, and you’re having problems with file size, then we’d love you to hear from you. Whether it’s corporate training, CCTV footage, promotional content or something completely different, your experiences could guide us on our quest to developing video compression technology for NXPowerLite. 

There’s a number of variables within a video file that you can alter which affect the size of a file such as the bit rate, resolution, keyframe and frame rate. The trick for us is to find a way to get the maximum compression while maintaining file quality, something we’ve always strived for (and achieved) with the file formats on which our technology currently works. 

It’s very early stages, so there’s not much detail on the product specifics  or any expected release dates. We’re just starting down the long road to see if we can create a solution that delivers the high standards expected of us.

If this is something you’d be interested in then please get in touch. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us develop new products and updating our existing technology.

Thanks in advance!

The Neuxpower Team