NXPowerLite Desktop Deployment Options

NXPowerLite Desktop may be viewed as a single end-user product but we’ve done a lot of work over the years to make it suitable for deployment across organisations of all sizes. We wanted to make it both easy to roll-out, regardless of the number of staff you have, and also super customizable so that you can adjust our product to your exact needs.

We provide .MSI files for the x86 architecture (32-bit) and x64 architecture (64-bit) which will make it easy to deploy automatically across your workforce via tools like Group Policy.

Why exactly are we bringing this up now? Well, we’ve just added the ability to override a number of the default settings when deploying NXPowerLite Desktop, so we thought it might be useful to take you through this as well as all the other customizable features at your disposal that you may not be aware of:


Overriding Default Settings

An administrator can now override NXPowerLite’s default settings during deployment. However, these settings only change the default behaviour; users can override all of these defaults by changing the NXPowerLite relevant tab in the settings dialog.

We want you to be able to calibrate it in a way that means you don’t have to constantly go back and adjust your settings depending on the file type you’re dealing with, as well as adding the possibility to reintroduce features from old versions. Customizations are possible for creating copies of optimized files, embedded fonts and screen resolution for PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG files amongst other features.


Registering on Installation

You can now register NXPowerLite Desktop at the point of installation. This is possible on a per-machine basis and is achieved using MSI properties.


Email Integration

As some of your will already be aware, NXPowerlite has integration for Microsoft® Outlook® and Outlook® Express, Lotus® Notes® and Windows® Mail allowing you optimize and zip attachments automatically, reducing the size of the sender’s sent mail and the recipients inbox. On deployment it’s possible to force default behaviours from these integrations.


Outlook Integration Defaults

Similarly to the general NXPowerLite default settings, there are also a number of defaults you can set for our Outlook integration on deployment. These include limits on thresholds elements such as attachment size and zip compressions. There’s also options to disable the right-click shortcut (though why anyone would disable this handy feature is beyond me).


Selective Installation

MSI properties can be specified at installation time to select the features to be installed. For example, you may want to install all features except Outlook® and Outlook® Express integrations.


For more information on these deployment options check out our Deployment Guide. It will give you a detailed run-down of all of the options available to you including commands for how to include and exclude each feature when you come to rolling out NXPowerLite Desktop. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.