Compress JPEG File Size On Mac OS With NXPowerLite

JPEG compression software for Mac OS to significantly reduce JPEG file size without impacting on visual quality

Retain Original Image Resolution

Secure Local File Compression

Simple Interface

Solutions also available for Windows | Windows Server | Watched Folders

Over 2 million happy customers

No Visual Quality Loss

NXPowerLite decodes & re-encodes JPEGs more efficiently, allowing it to optimize photos without altering resolution or quality.

Optimize Images For Print

Resolution has a huge effect on print quality. With NXPowerLite resolution is retained, so your images will look great when printed.

Adjustable Settings

The default setting results in an undetectable loss of quality, even at 100% zoom, that can be easily modified to requirements.

Compress Multiple Images

Batch compress JPEGs at the touch of a button. There’s no need to work on a file-by-file basis, optimize multiple images at once.

Compress Image For Web

Images used on websites need to load instantly and therefore need to be as small as possible. Shrink JPEG file size seamlessly with NXPowerLite.

Compress JPEG For Email

Stop bounce backs on large emails. A simple JPEG compression tool for email attachments to ensure they stay in mailbox limits.

Shrink Folder Contents

‘Add Folders’ allows you to reduce files in a chosen folder. Compress everything, or pick files and subfolders to process in a few clicks.

Optional Zip Compression

See your JPEG files reduced by up to 95% before selecting additional zip compression from the results screen to zip files together.

Compress JPEG To 20kb

Our photo optimizer reduces file size by up to 95%, so files are optimized to the required level.

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