NXPowerLite Offline Mac OS PDF Compression Software

Our versatile Mac OS desktop application is a simple PDF compression tool, download and shrink PDFs wherever and whenever suits you.

Local & Secure Offline PDF Compression

One-Step File Optimization

Simple Interface

No email registration | No watermark | No credit card required
Solutions also available for Windows | Windows Server | Watched Folders

Over 2 million happy customers

Local = 100% Secure

Reducing PDFs offline means they never leave your system, allowing offline compression as well as guaranteeing security.

Mac OS Integration

Shrink PDF files straight from Finder, simply find the file and right click on it and choose from the optimization options.

Sending Email Attachments

No more annoying bounce backs with large emails. Easily shrink your attached files under mailbox limits.

Batch Compression

NXPowerLite can handle multiple files at a time, allowing you to get more work done with less time wasted.

No Need To Split & Merge

Keep your documents small and intact by reducing file size. There's no need to split and merge PDF files to send them.

Avoid Zipping PDFs

Our software will shrink PDF files by up to 95%. There's no need to zip and extract your files.

Upload PDFs With Ease

Stay under your upload limits and transfer files to document libraries without any hassle.

Compress PDF Windows

NXPowerLite is available on both Windows and Mac. Optimize your PDFs whichever operating system you use.

Compress PDFs Under 300kb

Often PDFs need to be under certain limits.Reduce them to 300kb, 200kb, 100kb or less and stay under set limits.

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Compress PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and JPEG files