Compress PowerPoint File Size on Mac OS With NXPowerLite

Reduce PPT size on Mac OS significantly without impacting on visual quality

Compress PowerPoint Presentation Size By Up To 95%

Secure Local File Compression

Simple Drag & Drop

No email registration | No watermark | No credit card required

Solutions also available for Windows | Windows Server

Reduce the size of a PowerPoint file with these great features:

Unbeatable Reduction
Reduce files more than PowerPoint’s native compression, with more powerful image optimization and the ability to compress other file elements.
Drag & Drop
NXPowerLite optimizes whole files. There’s no need to compress individual elements within your presentation, just drag and drop and optimize.
Mac OS Integration
Shrink PDF files straight from Finder, simply right-click a file and choose from the optimization options.
Compress Multiple Files
Save time and effort compressing multiple presentations, optimize up to 10,000 PowerPoint files at once.

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