Compress PowerPoint File Size With NXPowerLite

PPT compression software to significantly reduce file size without impacting on visual quality

Reduce PowerPoint File Size Up To 95%

Secure Local File Compression

Simple Interface

Solutions also available for Mac OS | Windows Server | Watched Folders

Over 2 million happy customers

No Need to Compress Pictures in Powerpoint

Our software achieves up to 95% file reduction. There’s no need to compress images in powerpoint individually with the built in image compression tool.

Great for Reducing Powerpoint File Size (Mac)

Our offline tool is great for shrinking powerpoint file size whether on Mac or Windows. No matter the operating system we’ve got you covered.

Batch Compress PowerPoint Presentations

Save time and effort compressing multiple presentations individually, optimize up to 10,000 PowerPoint files at once.

Compress Powerpoint for Email

Sending files as attachments? Automatically reduce ppt size with our Outlook integration. No more bounce back or exceeding mailbox limits.

Drag & Drop PowerPoint Compressor

With our PowerPoint minimizer there’s no need to compress individual elements within your presentation, just drag and drop and optimize.

Completely Offline PowerPoint Optimizer

Download our local reduction software and compress a PowerPoint without the need for an internet connection. It's an 100% offline resource.

Reduce PowerPoint Under 300kb

Many allications require PPts to be Compress to 300kb, 200kb, 100kb or below to stay under set sending limits.

Upload PPT To Libraries

Small PowerPoint files are easier to transmit. Stay under your upload limits so you can move files to your document libraries.

No Need To Zip PPT files

Our software will shrink PowerPoint files by up to 95% without zipping. Your files can be opend by anyone without the need for extraction.

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