Compress Scanned Documents

Reduce large PDF documents automatically as they reach your network folder

Scanners often capture document pages as high resolution images without compression. So even documents that appear to be just text can often be entirely images. By automatically reducing the resolution of these images and choosing an efficient image encoding these files can be dramatically reduced helping to avoid common problems, such as:

Sending email attachments
Large email attachments can exceed your mail provider’s limit, increasing the chance of bounce-backs and affecting productivity.
Uploading to libraries
Large documents have to be broken down into individual pages to allow them to be uploaded to document libraries.
Printing documents
Settings need to be altered to allow documents to be printed, such as reducing image quality or switching to black and white.
External network access
Files are slow to download and open when accessing them from remote location.
“NXPowerLite gives us files that are smaller, more usable and easier to email than the originals. We have also been very happy with the visual quality of the optimized files and our users have been unable to tell the difference between the original and the optimized version.”
— Dan Stewart, Director of Information Systems, Antelope Valley Union High School District

Reduce your Scanned PDFs in Three Easy Steps

Document Scanner

1. Configure

Specify how frequently to scan your folder(s) and how files are optimized.

Watch Folder

2. Select folders

Select which folder(s) on your server should be watched for incoming scans.

Compressed PDF

3. Activate

Any scans arriving into the chosen folders will automatically be compressed.

Evaluating our Scanned Document Solution

These easy tests only take a few minutes...

  • There's nothing better than seeing for yourself how good NXPowerLite is at reducing files. Download our desktop tool and run it on a selection of your own files for a side by side, before and after comparison.
    For Windows XP (SP3) - 10, also available for Mac OS.
  • Take our software for a spin on us, enjoy 30 days of free scanned document compression. The trial won't interrupt your scanner workflow and will be completely invisible to end users.
  • Our team is super helpful, we can guide you through every step of the process or simply be on hand to answer your questions. We can jump on a screen share, answer your calls and emails or join you on a live chat right now - whatever suits you best.

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“NXPowerLite is the best software I've ever purchased... It has saved me thousands and a lot of time.”
The Bishop's Stortford High School

“We use Microsoft Office, and have a fairly inefficient program to convert these documents to PDF. We’ve saved about 60 percent more space with NXPowerLite.”
Caerphilly City Council

“NXPowerLite is a really robust, amazing product which offers great value for money. It was exactly what I was looking for.”
Arc Legal Assistance Ltd