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Recommended Evaluation

We’ve helped thousands of customers evaluate our software. Along the way we’ve picked up a couple of valuable pointers…

- Safety first

Jumping right into reducing live data is daunting. Making use of a non-production environment is great if you have one, but if you don’t, making a copy of a subset of your data is just as good.

- All files aren't equal

Starting out on less critical files is a great way to introduce NXPowerLite, our flexible settings allow you to target them. You can begin with files that haven't been opened for 6 months, have specific extensions or are in specific locations; or any combination of factors.

  1. NXPowerLite software is provided free. When you buy a volume of 'Credit' in GB this is loaded to your secure online account.
  2. As NXPowerLite optimizes files, the amount that it reduces each file by is deducted from the available 'Credit' in the account - this is the 'Usage'.
  3. Usage is tracked and reported centrally and the software will automatically stop when your available 'Credit' is exhausted.
  4. Buying more 'Credit' tops up your account and the software will automatically resume optimizing files from where it had stopped.
  5. Example:

    If NXPowerLite reduces a 10 MB file down to 2 MB then 8 MB will be deducted from your remaining credit.

“I regret not getting around to it sooner… the whole process took just 20 minutes to get it running and reclaiming space.”
— Ashley Potts, Systems Manager, The Nottingham Emmanuel School