How To Compress PDF File Size Offline With NXPowerLite

Requiring the ability to compress PDF files offline is situational. You'd think the most common reason would be that people simply don't have internet access, however we've found more often it's due to security. Local compression is 100% secure as files never leave your network. If you can't transfer files outside of your network due to compliance requirements, privacy, security or you're just not comfortable with copies in the cloud - NXPowerLite's got you covered! Download and install NXPowerLite desktop software to try offline compression for yourself ( Windows | Mac ).

how to compress a PDF

How to compress a PDF offline

A simple step-by-step process on how to reduce a PDF file offline using NXPowerLite. This guide takes you through offline compression in four simple steps.

  1. Open NXPowerLite offline file compression software.
  2. Drag your PDF file onto NXPowerLite.
  3. Hit the optimize button to reduce file size.
  4. Check the reduction levels then share or send the optimized file.