How To Convert, Save As, Merge, Recover & Protect A Word Document


We've compiled a handy set of guides to help you perform the most commonly searched tasks relating to Word Documents without having to pay for a single bit of software. The Internet is the only toolkit you'll ever need!

How To Convert PDF To Word

This simple step by step guide will teach you how to convert a PDF to word using only the tools found on your desktop. This process will show you how to convert pdf to word on mac or windows in five steps.

  1. Open a file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Click on the Export PDF tool/ in the right hand pane.
  3. Select Microsoft Word as your export format, and then Word Document.
  4. Hit Export.
  5. Select your chosen =file name and location.

How To Save A Word Document As A PDF

Find out how to convert a word document to pdf quickly and easily. Whether you want to know how to convert word to pdf on mac or windows take a look at these points.

  1. Open your Word document.
  2. In the File menu select the Export function.
  3. To exclude unnecessary data from your PDF hit the Options Button. In the resulting window, select Document then remove information you don’t wish to appear.
  4. Name your file and select the appropriate destination folder.

How To Recover Unsaved Word Document

Ever wanted to retrieve lost work? Learn how to recover a Word document in no time with this simple set of instructions.

  1. In the File tab select the Info section.
  2. Select the Manage Document button.
  3. From the drop down select Recover Unsaved Documents.
  4. The Open dialog box will now display a list of unsaved recoverable Word documents. Choose the Word document you wish to recover.
  5. The recovered Word document is now open, click the Save As to save the document.

How To Merge Word Documents

When dealing with large amounts of text copying and pasting work from one file to another may not be the best option. Learn how to merge two documents in Word to avoid this painstaking process.

  1. Navigate to Object Button within the Insert Tab.
  2. Select the dropdown on the right of the button and select Text from File.
  3. Select the files to be merged into the current document. Press and hold Ctrl to select more than one document.
  4. Your documents will be merged in descending order. Make sure you sort and number each document so they’re merged in the correct sequence.

How To Password Protect A Word Document

There may be occasions where you want to protect a document so colleagues cannot edit the content. Follow this simple guide on how to password protect a word document and ensure your files are safe.

  1. In the File menu, select the Info tab.
  2. Within the Info tab select the Protect Document button.
  3. Click Encrypt with Password.
  4. Enter and confirm your password, then click OK.
  5. Your document is now protected.