How To Print Notes, Create Templates & More In PowerPoint


We've compiled a handy set of guides to help you perform the most commonly searched tasks relating to PowerPoint presentations. There’s no need for any new software.


How To Create PowerPoint Templates

Learn how to create powerpoint templates with these step-by-step notes. There’s no need to buy templates online, create a powerpoint template from scratch.

  1. Open a blank PowerPoint presentation.
  2. In the View tab within the Master Views group, select Slide Master.
  3. The Slide Master is the largest slide image at the top of the slide thumbnail list, to the left of your slides.
  4. To make changes to the slide master or slide layouts, on the Slide Master tab, do any of the following:
    >> Add a color theme with special fonts and effects - Click Themes and choose a theme from the gallery.
    >> Change the background - Click Background Styles and choose a background.
    >> Add a placeholder (to hold text, a picture, or other objects) - In the thumbnail pane, select the slide layout that you want to hold the placeholder. Click Insert Placeholder, select the type of placeholder you want to add then click and drag to draw the placeholder size.
    >> Set page orientation - Click Slide Size > Custom Slide Size. Then under Orientation, choose Portrait or Landscape.

How To Save PowerPoint As A PDF

Want to know how to save PowerPoint as a pdf? Follow this easy process to create PDF files from your PowerPoint presentations.

  1. Click the File tab and then click Export.
  2. Click Create PDF/XPS Document, then Create PDF/XPS.
  3. Name your file and choose a location to save the file to.
  4. At this point you can edit the file for print quality by selecting Optimize for > Standard or Minimum.
  5. Click Options to set the appearance of the PDF (e.g. add notes to your printout) and Click OK when you’re finished.
  6. Click Publish.

How To Add Animation In PowerPoint

It’s easy to add animation to powerpoint. This simple guide will teach you how to create animations within your presentations.

  1. Select the object or text to animate.
  2. On the Animations tab of the ribbon, click Add Animation, and pick an animation effect.
  3. To change the speed of the animation, under Timing options, in the Duration box, enter the number seconds that you want the animation effect to last.
  4. To change how your effect starts, under Timing options, open the Start List, and select either On Click, With Previous or After Previous.
  5. To change the order that effect occur on your slideshow, in the Timing group, under Reorder Animation select either Move Earlier or Move Later.
  6. To make sure that animations play when you present your slide show, go to Slide Show > Set Up Slide Show and ensure the Show without animation box is cleared (otherwise animations will only occur in previews but not your live slide show).